Don’t Fence Me In!

by Soul Places | Diane Ludeking

Fences are meant to either contain or keep out.  They contain cattle, horses, dogs, vegetables and immaculately maintained yards and homes.  They keep out rabbits, deer and toddlers, preventing them from pulling up carrots and they keep out would-be trespassers from treading where they are not welcome.  Sunday’s snow and high winds has brought to my attention another use for fences.

Snow fences are meant to force the snow to drift at the fence instead of in the roads.  However, the wind was so ridiculous this past Sunday that snow fences were virtually useless.  The snow in all its feral wonder refused to be tamed and told where to drift.  Not aware of snow fence rules, it recklessly blew wherever it wanted to, closing roads and making most others quite impassable.  I stood in amazement at its bravado.

The way the snow and wind simply fulfilled their purposes that day left me wondering about how I fence myself in by my own rules and beliefs.  “I am not good enough.”  Fence post.  “I have failed at my career.”  Fence post.  “I can’t say that.”  Stretch of fence.

Before long I was completely fenced in – thinking I was keeping myself safe – efficiently keeping out anything good for me.  Thank you blizzard for showing me that my fences can be overcome and for allowing me to take a long, frigid look at how I’m living my life.  I look forward to blowing right over all the beliefs and rules that no longer serve me and replacing them with the freedom of wide-open spaces.