A Theater Turns into a Lion’s Den

by Soul Places | Diane Ludeking


Originally uploaded by Masaai

A serene matinee with family
Brings out the predatory lions and lionesses
An innocent boy sent to inform the voyeurs
The film is broken and will take some time to fix

A pride of lions exits, teeth bared, blood thirsty, angry indignation
Several lions at once lunge at the boy with verbal fangs, deluded claws
I watch from my perch in the middle of the theater
As all traces of blood retreat from his childlike face

His mangled intentions seize his wounded spirit
And drag it from the theater, fearful, forsaken
Safe once again outside the lion’s den
He exhales and gives thanks – his life was spared

Next a woman sent – she’s been in the den before
Free movie passes for everyone
Thanks for your patience
We are doing all we can

The prides are satisfied, licking their paws clean of a soulful meal
And as the film rolls once again
We settle in to resume our ogling
Inhaling deeply the breath of our first victim