Troublemaker, Thank You!

by Soul Places | Diane Ludeking

I met a Troublemaker some months back.  He was not a stranger by any means, which made his words and actions all the more troublesome and hurtful.  He snuck in under the disguise of do-gooder with borrowed words, masterful manipulation and do-not-oppose-me forcefulness.  He was able to single-handedly yank the very earth out from under my feet because I did not expect such behavior from someone I professed to be safe and good in the world.

I spent the next couple months lofting about in outer space wondering how this had happened.  I now took him for the enemy, which in turn made me the victim.  I was catapulted deeply and intensely into a downward spiral and right back into old patterns that no longer serve me.

Before this Troublemaker had revealed himself, I felt “on top of the world” which made his devastating arrival all the more alarming.  When I finally got sense enough to take inventory of what had happened, “How did I get here?” I realized two of the most important things were missing from my life at that time – my spiritual principles and practices.

After reviewing the course of events that my Troublemaker put into motion, spiritual principles in mind this time, I was able to realize he was not the enemy.  He did me a huge favor in mirroring what was missing from my life.  I feel confident that if my spiritual practices had been at the ready, this troublesome series of events would have been minimalized if not completely obliterated.

I can now bow to this Troublemaker and sincerely thank him for reminding me never to be caught without my spiritual principles and practices.  And through this process of becoming unhinged and finding my way back to solid hinge, I have been able to heal a very deep wound.  For this gift Troublemaker, thank you!