Dry Backsides

by Soul Places | Diane Ludeking

My grandparent's outhouse.

An assignment for my writing class recently was to take a poem and rewrite it.  I love these kinds of assignments since they help with my empty mind syndrome and encourage poetic creativity in me.  I had a subject I’d wanted to write about for a few weeks so I found the perfect poem to help me accomplish that.  The original poem is by one of my favorite poets; David Whyte’s Loaves and Fishes.

Here is the piece that came out of me:


Dry Backsides and Toilets

by Diane Ludeking


This is not

the age of automatic toilets.

Not an automatic flusher, but this is how I imagine they look!


This is NOT

the age of automatic toilets.


Forget your grandparent’s outhouse,

and it’s crescent moon door,

and newspaper wipes.


This is the time

of dry backsides

and toilets that wait to be flushed.


People are angry

and one obedient toilet

surprises no one.