On Wings of Kings

by Soul Places | Diane Ludeking

A writing prompt story.

Write about Wings and use the following words: blue, sign, bell, path, distance, vast.

The end.

On Wings of Kings

by Diane Ludeking
On Wings of Kings
A racehorse I once knew
The trainer’s daughter’s horse
So black, he was blue
On race day he is all piss and vinegar
From the barn, along the winding path
To the track and into the paddocks
I would endure his wrath
No sign of letting up
Lathered with sweat even before the tack
He’d toss his head and try to break my nose
Desire to reach the gates, he did not lack
Up goes the jockey
I hand them to the pony dancer
Off they go into the distance
For their pre-race canter
Into the gates
The bell rings
The gates open
Go, On Wings of Kings!
Out of the gates first
Rarely a winner’s move
He takes flight across the vastness
He’s found his groove
Around the last turn
Still in first
I hope that
He is not cursed
He wins, he wins!
On Wings of Kings
Does the impossible
On fairytale wings