What Has Your Spiritual Practice Created?

by Soul Places | Diane Ludeking

Copyright Diane Ludeking 2011

A visualization/meditation:

A door with a weather worn sign hanging above it comes into view between the bobbing heads of my heavily armed escorts.  We are hustling through the underbrush of a place I don’t recognize, urgency is in their faces.  I do not know how I got here or what we are running from, but I follow them, certain that they can offer me protection from imminent danger.  The door opens automatically as though someone on the other side is awaiting our arrival.  I am astounded to see that the door is thicker than I am wide and appears to be solid steel.  Frightened by the necessity of such extremes, I obediently cross the threshold.  Once inside, I quickly assess my surroundings.  It is a small, cold, dimly lit room that is no doubt a bunker built to withstand the most gruesome of attacks.  Surely there is nothing that can pierce or destroy this shelter or it’s inhabitants.

My escorts silently guide me toward the center of the room where I am startled to discover the floor moving beneath my feet, lowering me to another space.  As the elevator comes to rest in this lower level, I am inexplicably drawn to the only person in the room.  She is wrapped in a cocoon of the finest blue silk, perched on her heels; kneeling atop the most plush and delightful pillow I‘ve ever seen.  Her eyes are closed and she appears quite peaceful.  I must disturb her however to get some answers.  As I approach, she opens her eyes and smiles at me as though she knows me.  “I am your authentic self and this place is what your spiritual practices have built,” she explains without prompting.  “Impenetrable to anything that may cause suffering.  And through those doors,” she continues with a nod across the room, “is your Paradise.”

Following her gaze, I notice the elegant French doors across the room.  Eager to see what’s on the other side, I cross the room to find…

Please finish the sentence in the comments and/or your journal.  What does the sign above the door say?  Comments are welcome too.