Warriors Weep

by Soul Places | Diane Ludeking

Copyright Diane Ludeking 2012

“There must be those among whom we can sit down and weep, and still be counted as warriors.” ~ Adrienne Rich

Time and time again I’ve witnessed TV interviews of people apologizing for their tears.  In some cases, these people wave their hands at the camera, cover their face or ask for the camera to be turned off, while others get up and walk off set.  I’ve witnessed this refusal of self in public places with strangers, private places with friends and even within myself.  This need to apologize for what is real, what wants expressing, is a phenomenon that makes me want to weep for those who deny themselves of this gift.  The gift of expression and being witnessed , truly seen, by another.

Sometimes the only thing I know for sure are my emotions.  My sadness, my anger, my elation, my childlike play.

These things never betray me.

Nor are these things me.  I am not sad, I feel sadness within me.

My emotions are a fingerpost home in a maze of trails through the woods.

When did it become necessary to hide these things?  Or apologize for them when they break through despite all my efforts to the contrary?  It is not easy to be vulnerable, to honor our emotions, especially with the eyes of so many upon us.  That’s why Warriors Weep!  Courageously.  Unapologetically.

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