The Caste of Cast

by Soul Places | Diane Ludeking


Molten Iron
Copyright Kelly Ludeking 2000


This is a poem I wrote for my husband, Kelly Ludeking.  He is a sculptor who works with bronze, aluminum and iron to create cast artwork.  This weekend is the Ninth Annual Down on the Farm Iron Pour on the Ludeking family farm in NE Iowa so I wanted to honor his work by sharing the poem.  If you ever have an opportunity to attend an iron pour, GO!  Describing it does no justice.  It must be seen.  Occasionally, I participate in these events, wearing the dirty brown leathers or the newer safety gear “silver suit.”  Standing in a shower of molten iron every now and again, seems to balance my water sign.

The Caste of Cast

Cast ironmongers
dance about me
They are rabid for fire
to melt the metal
that makes manifest
their sickness
This curious group of people
with dirty brown leathers
heavy steel-toed boots
and graphite war-painted faces
travel far and wide
to spy the orange glow
of liquid iron
They wait for the call to iron
They recognize it as goose bumps
crawling over their skull
To deny the query
Is to forsake their true inheritance
Cast ironmongers
dance about me
Alone in their iron tribe
Together in their aloneness
The temple of their
creative soulness
– by Diane Ludeking

Pouring Iron
Copyright Kelly Ludeking