How to Dream Bigger than you Dream

by Soul Places | Diane Ludeking

Me and Dallas

The Temple of Know existed to save the animals.  The palatial shelter for cats and dogs sat in a wealthy neighborhood and was being given to me to run.  Having the experience and confidence to make it a reality, I gave myself a tour imagining each room with a new purpose.  The expansive foyer would need only minimal changes to be transformed into the little dog room.  The black and white marble floor would mop up easily and the floor to ceiling windows would soon be filled with excited nose prints.  I knew the little dogs were up to the challenge of winning visitors over, so it was decided and I moved on to the next room.

A sitting room with two exquisite chaise lounges upholstered in red velvet sat across from a lean floral davenport.  The pit bulls and Rottweilers would be the kings of this domain.  I’d decided last minute that the bookshelves would remain full of their classics to encourage skittish visitors to enter the room.  I knew the power of books.

Every room was ideal for dogs and cats.  But one had to remain for humans.  For the twenty-four hour staff who would work busily to rid the world of unwanted animals.  That just sounds silly.  Who doesn’t want animals?

Anyhow, I tried not think that I didn’t deserve this mansion, but then remembered it was for the animals.  Somehow that made it acceptable.  Then I began wondering where the horses would live.  There wasn’t much outdoor space as this neighborhood was crowded with 20,000 square foot homes that housed one or two people each.

I wandered into one of the many fine dining places on this wealthy street and was quickly introduced to Gollorogs.  They looked like the caramel treat Rolos and rested in little paper cups.  Each cup had a letter and it spelled Gollorogs in a playful font.  Prosciutto nestled somewhere within the “g.”  I decided Gollorogs would become the name for people that helped save the animals.  And the horses could live here.

The Temple of Know existed to save the animals.  And Gollorogs became their guardian.

What can you add to this dream?  In order to dream bigger than you dream, avoid editing yourself.

Take a recent dream and elaborate.