What Mysteries Await

by Soul Places | Diane Ludeking

Horse chestnuts
Copyright Diane Ludeking 2012

I discovered these exquisite gems a few weeks ago at a Women and Girl’s Night Out event.  Thirty women and girls gathered on a chilly, windy autumn evening to raise our voices together in song around fire.  Six of us stayed overnight, snuggling up in our sleeping bags out of the wind in a cabin with bunks.  After our morning closing celebration, three of us went for a walk to the swinging bridge nearby.  As we began our walk, I noticed hundreds of horse chestnuts strewn about the trail.  I met these nuts for the first time the night before, but to find them myself in the daylight tickled me like a girl in a horse barn.  How is it that I’ve never seen these before in my lifetime?  What other mysteries are out there awaiting my gaze?

Horse chestnuts
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What Mysteries Await
by Diane Ludeking
Lime pufferfish
turns brown
Falls away
Fine mahogany,
delicate cherry wood,
supple leather
I wear.
White chocolate
nutty meat
My own sweet
What flavor is your mystery
Would you be angry-looking
if I were angrily looking?
Would you be sad-looking
if I were sadly looking?
You are innocent-looking
because I innocently look.

Horse chestnut
Copyright Diane Ludeking 2012


Swinging Bridge Destination
Copyright Diane Ludeking 2012