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Let it Be

Dearest Friend,

I’ve been sitting in sadness these last twenty-four hours – perhaps longer.  Finally allowing myself to feel it, I am overcome by the absence of friends and family.  You are the most precious of these to me in ways unimaginable.

Thank you so much for all your support, I feel it, I welcome it, I add my essence and send it back.  Your support, your unconditional love, carries me deeper into sadness because you are there and I am here.

My tears fall on seemingly barren terrain – my pink, emotion-heated flesh, the hard, impenetrable table of where I sit and write this – and then I realize these tears nurture the invisible.

The terrain of my soul, dry and cracked as deep winter dermal, consumes the first tear in a flash, as though it never arrived.  I unwittingly send more.  And more.  Soon my soul breathes.  Soon it is ready.  Soon the sadness transforms itself.  Into what, I don’t know yet.  I just let it be.  For now.

Until I see you again, feel your heart pound against mine, I commune with your soul and feel less sad.

Love, Soul


Easing In

My Feet in La Duna - The Danube River - in Budapest

This Friday marks the end of a year long course I took for spiritual initiation.  Each student has designed her own ceremony to celebrate this momentous year and all that she has learned.  I look forward to feeling this ritual in every fiber of my being in order to carry it with me forever – along with the rituals of my beloved sisters.  I wrote this poem a while ago but feel that it sums up this last year for me very well.

My Feet in the Gulf of Mexico near Galveston, TX

Easing In

by Diane Ludeking

Easing in until last hair joins first toe
Wholly embraced in wet solitude
A muted underwater world


Become her.
The soul you think is separate
Ghosts towards you


Your first love returned
 Together at birth, divided in life
Easing in to a baptism of belonging