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Where I’m From

Harvesting apple trees for fire wood from the defunct Art’s Orchard
Copyright Diane Ludeking 2010

Where I’m From

by Diane Ludeking

I am from apples,
from Barbies and Breyers.
I am from the perfect, orderly home.
I am from lily of the valley,
the strawberry vine.
I am from the confessional
and the marriage of death,
from Dan Dan the Boogie Man
and Dearest Sean.
I am from the salt of the earth
and the spark in the night sky.
From money doesn’t grow on trees
and work hard.
I am from purgatory.
I’m from a tribe,
kitty cocktails and Schlitz.
From the vacation destination of Yogi Bear,
the bruised cousin dying from a mysterious disease
and his anorexic sister.
I am from Art’s Orchard
my father’s lost legacy.

I have a few different versions of this poem as I tend to create one every year.  They are quite different from each other and lots of fun to write.  My Soulful Journaling participants created their own “Where I’m From” poems last week and enjoyed the process as much as I enjoyed hearing their finished products.  Many thanks to my teachers Julie Tallard Johnson and Prudence Tippins for introducing me to the process of poem writing.  The original “Where I’m From” poem was written by George Ella Lyon and is used by many poets and aspiring poets as a template for creativity and to lyrically document their lives.  Where are you from?


Woolen Argyle Woes

Under the bedroom chair
a single woolen argyle sock
looks back at me
wondering where
its black, white and grey
partner has gone.
Sometimes partners leave
for a while, get lost,
go on vacation or
work where work can be found,
so you can find
new perspective,
the latent dream
written within you.
Sometimes it takes
their void
to learn that
we can keep
feet fashionably warm
and dance
without them too.
Sometimes the
loose threads,
pilling and thinning
in the toe and heel
of your aloneness
make way for a new
possibility, fitted over
the nine iron.
You are not alone
when the wedge shows
up in the bag beside you
wearing your long lost partner.