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These Sugary Words

Copyright Diane Ludeking 2012

The words, the words, the words.

The words are full of sugar.

These sugary words

fix my cravings

for chocolate and ice cream.

These sugary words

bred from crispy kale

and green smoothies

and cheese.

Sweet and true and scrumptious,

these sugary words

defy gravity.

Leave me hanging


with views from outer space

a planet so strange and distant.

These sugary words

attract four eagles

and tears.

Two eagles remain

to circle and circle

to partake of

my sugary words

and give me more.

These sugary words exclaim

Welcome back!

as they slip away

behind the trees.


Rejection Turns Into Recognition

Purple-leaf European Beech, Asheville, NC. copyright Diane Ludeking 2011

I am Talking Stick.

A trusted mentor with impressive insights gave me this spirit name during a ceremony last fall.  Standing in a circle as others in the group received their names, my body tilted forward on my toes with anticipation of hearing mine.  I reveled at how fitting all the names were and felt certain mine would be just as beautiful and perfect.

When my name was bestowed upon me, my body set back on its heels as if an invisible force had pushed me.  My own ghostly arms then reached out, heels of imperceptible hands leading the way in a martial arts defensive move, to reject the name.  In reality, I stood stock still, arms at my side like a soldier at attention, as my physical body did not want to expose my disappointment in my spirit name.

“What the heck is a Talking Stick?  I’m not much of a talker so this name must clearly be wrong!”  I knew I could reject the name and give myself something like “Silent Stone” or “Mysterious Madame” but I also knew I wanted to research the name before giving it the official boot.

So I googled it and learned about the role it plays in American Indian tribes.  But what sold me on accepting this spirit name was this:

Whoever holds the talking stick has within his hands the sacred power of words.


I couldn’t rejoice enough over my findings about the talking stick.  Whatever form the stick takes, it also:

Carries respect for free speech and assures the speaker he has the freedom and power to say what is in her heart without fear of reprisal or humiliation.

It turns out that I have never felt so understood in all my life.  The Talking Stick is who I’ve always been and plan to remain.  I hold sacred space for the words that create the stories of our lives and strive to mirror the beauty within all.

I am Talking Stick.

I Follow You, But Cannot Find You

Result of My Ferocious Journaling

I follow you but am yet ignorant of how to find you sometimes.

This wordy sentence was a comment I made on another person’s blog.  I really like her photography and poetic voice so I clicked the “Follow” button on her homepage thinking that I would get an email every time she posted something new.  Not the case.  When you follow someone, you have to find them.  Somewhere in my blogosphere account is her address.  Having much to learn yet about, I dove in with the conviction that I had found her once, surely I could find her again.

By her pointing out this awkward sentence as having many meanings, I couldn’t help but notice the gem in it too.   Taking it out of context and playing with rearranging the words, and versions of the words, and other words that wanted in, the following is a list of word playtime:

I follow you but am yet ignorant of how to find you sometimes.

I follow you but am ignorant of how to find you.

Sometimes I follow you but cannot find you.

Yet I am ignorant of you.

I am ignorant sometimes yet I find you.

I am ignorant yet sometimes I find you.

I find you ignorant.

I find you sometimes.

Follow your ignorance.

Follow sometimes in order to find it.

I follow you into fallow fields and flounder frequently.

I follow ignorance.

Imagine if we played around with punctuations too!  Commas change everything!  What other combinations can you come up with?  I find wordplay highly entertaining so please share your creations in the comments.  And being the meaning maker of your own life, what meaning is screaming for your attention in these word combinations?