Welcome to Soul Places founded by me, Diane Ludeking!

I have a BS in Equine Sciences and have instructed horses and their people for over twenty years in the art of communication.  In 2009 I began journaling voraciously as a way to process and respond to my life.  So much creativity came forth from this process that I decided to write this blog and start work on a book.  I started my company, Soul Places, in 2012 in order to share the tools of journaling and horse play to assist others in befriending their soul.

My soul always comes back to the mysteries of my own being through journaling, being in communion with my horses, hiking, meditation, reading and so many more things when I bring mindfulness forth.

Thank you for stopping by and sharing your valuable time with me.

Blessings and Smiles, Diane Ludeking, Saint Paul, MN, USA

To start a conversation or leave a personal comment for me, please send your words to:

soulplaces @ gmail . com